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- 14 November 2022

Opening & Registration

Time zone ((EET))

High-Level Welcome & Announcements

Opening Plenary Session

Closing the Finance Gap Together

- Commitments, Collaboration and Action Towards 2030

Networking Break

Solution Session 1A

Re-Thinking Infrastructure

- Innovation for a Sustainable Built Environment

Investment Session 1B

Scaling up Innovation and Finance for Heavy Industry Decarbonisation

Solution Session 2A

Transitioning the Shipping Sector

- Opportunities and Challenges for Our Oceans

Investment Session 2B

Insuring for Resilience

- Moving Beyond Traditional Risk Management and Response to Insure for Resilience

Lunch Break

Solution Session 3A

Innovating Mobility

- Decarbonising the Transport Sector Through Innovation & Technologies

Fireside Chat 3.1B

Carbon Markets and the Role of Finance

- Stepping Up Climate Action by Trading CO2

Fireside Chat 3.2B

Trends and Opportunities for Green Bonds

Solution Session 4A

Beyond Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

- Accelerating the Shift to a Circular Economy to Achieve Climate Goals

Investment Session 4B

2030 Transition-Ready Portfolios

- Best Practice Options for Achieving Alignment With the Paris Agreement

Networking Break


Closing Session

Catalysing Ambition Loops

- How to Scale Up Technology, Policy & Investments to Create Bolder Pathways for Change

High-Level Closing Keynote