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Accelerating Public-Private
Partnerships for Climate Action

Held annually, World Climate Summit is the leading forum for business and investment-driven solutions to climate change, recognised as the most important official COP side event since its launch in 2010. 


The Summit convenes leaders from government, business, civil society, international organisations, and academia to address the key issues affecting public and private sector stakeholders in transitioning to a low carbon economy, whilst achieving the Paris Agreement goals and the 2030 agenda.

The Investment COP, an integral part of the Summit, constitutes a cross-sectoral collaboration and solutions-focused platform that convenes asset owners, asset managers, businesses and governments to work across sectors to develop investable markets and climate solutions. 

About World Climate Foundation

World Climate Summit is a key activity of the World Climate Foundation. World Climate Foundation, facilitates the transition to a clean and net-zero economy through cross-sector dialogue, inspirational partnerships and investments in sustainable solutions. Our vision is a decade from 2020 to 2030 where climate and sustainability commitments are transformed via actions into impact that align with the required outcomes.

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