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Delivering Across
a Decade of Action

Founded in 2010, World Climate Summit is a purpose-driven networking and matchmaking event working to facilitate a swift transition to a net-zero emissions economy across energy, industry, transport, buildings and finance, providing bottom-up solutions through unparalleled public and private collaboration.  

World Climate Summit measures impact through three key drivers: Global, Sectoral and Organisational

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Global Impact

World Climate Summit facilitates the implementation of the Paris Agreement and a swift transition to a net-zero economy by promoting breakthrough innovations, impactful policies and sustainable investments.


The Summit convenes the most influential high-level decision- and policymakers from government, business, finance and civil society to accelerate the pace of climate action, finance and legislation and deliver tangible political and economic impact. 

Sectoral Impact

World Climate Summit is a cross-sectoral collaboration and solutions-oriented platform for global climate action. Working across sectors, the Summit forges public-private partnerships and builds strong alliances to accelerate the decarbonisation of the industries and supply chains, including the hard-to-abate sector, in order to reach 2050 climate targets.  

Organisational Impact

The outcome-oriented approach and impact-driven model of World Climate Summit have instilled an enduring level of engagement, catalysing commitments and action plans from public and private organisations.


Among our partners, are world industry leaders and influential financial institutions, pioneering in innovative climate solutions and investment mechanisms that leverage the unique potential of World Climate Summit platform to collaborate and progress towards a net-zero economy. 

Outcomes of World Climate Summit

As a proud member of the Marrakech Partnership, we encourage and highlight announcements from investors and businesses for tangible, short term climate action during the Summit. As such, the Summit is a unique platform for announcing net-zero climate commitments and strengthening networks that connect key actors, shaping the global, low-carbon economy. 

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