Delivering Across
a Decade of Action

Founded in 2010, World Climate Summit is a purpose-driven networking and matchmaking event framing the future of the change to a net-zero emissions economy across energy, industry, transport, cities and natural resource management, providing bottom-up solutions through unparalleled public and private collaboration.

World Climate Summit measures impact through three indicators: Environmental, Economic and Political.

Environmental Impact

The importance of measuring the impact of human activity on the environment to move toward net-zero targets by 2030 has never been clearer. Through its structured convenings and coalition-building efforts, World Climate Summit aims to significantly accelerate the pace of environmental ambition, actions and legislation in the near future.


World Climate Network brings together a long-standing group of influential high-level decision makers from across government, business, finance and civil society. It is driven by action in the form of breakthrough innovations, impactful policies and sustainable investments. The network focuses on the implementation of the Paris Agreement and a swift transition to a net-zero economy.

Economic Impact

Corporate commitments to climate action help demonstrate the economic case for ambitious climate policy. In advocating for meaningful climate action from businesses and governments, the Summit accelerates public-private sector ambition loops to achieve the policies, innovations and investments required to reach 2030 climate targets and a net-zero world by 2050.


The Investment COP, cross-sectoral collaboration and solutions-focused platform and a part of World Climate Summit convenes asset owners, asset managers, businesses and governments to work across sectors to develop investable markets and climate solutions.

Societal Impact

Owing to its longevity of purpose and long-standing relationship with the COP, World Climate Summit attracts the highest level stakeholders, including influential policymakers, to deliver real political impact. The outcome-oriented approach and impact-driven model of World Climate Summit has instilled an enduring level of political engagement within a number of major global platforms.


As a proud member of the Marrakech Partnership, World Climate Foundation encourages and highlights announcements from investors and businesses for tangible, short term climate action. As such, the Summit is a unique platform for announcing net-zero climate commitments and strengthening networks that connect key actors of the global low-carbon economy.