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Kickstarting the New Climate Economy

Transitioning to Clean Energy




Low-Carbon & Circular Value Chains

Smart & Sustainable Cities

Managing our Natural Resources

Funding the Low-Carbon Transition

Resilience & Adaption


For 10 years World Climate Summit has been recognised as the leading top-level public-private sector platform alongside the COP negotiations. In November 2021, the 11th annual Summit aims to spur the green recovery in support of the COP26’s priority action areas, whilst driving ahead the Decade to Deliver on Climate Action. The Summit will identify and scale best practice business models, deliver effective regulatory frameworks, collaborate on innovative solutions, and formulate sustainable investment strategies to support the post-pandemic economic stimulus. 

These Key Areas are strategically positioned to inform and influence the policy institutions and the economic markets on current and available new solutions by discussing what cross-sector partnerships are needed and how to design the low-carbon economy.

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