- 13 November 2022

Opening & Registration

Time zone ((EET))

High-Level Welcome & Announcements

Opening Session

From Glasgow to Sharm El Sheikh

- Tracking Progress on Implementation towards Net Zero

Networking Break

Solution Session 1A

Powering the Net- Zero Future

- Policy and Innovation for Clean Energy Systems

Investment Session 1B

Financial Transformation

- Investor Innovation for Real Economic Impact

Solution Session 2A

Resilient Futures for All

- Channelling the Power of PPPs to Advance Nature-Based Solutions

Investment Session 2B

Mobilising Finance for Adaptation

- Harnessing Untapped Potential

Lunch Break

Solution Session 3.1A

Minimising Climate Impacts Across the Value Chain - Best Practices From Sustainable Textiles and Apparel

Investment Session 3B

New Finance in Developing Countries and Emerging Markets for Net-Zero Alignment

Keynote Session 3.2A

Africa on the Front Line

- Towards a Resilient Future: Outlook on Africa’s 2030 Commitments and Resilient Future Pathways

Solution Session 4A

Smart and Resilient Cities

- How To Revolutionise Urban Environments

Investment Session 4B

Enabling Climate Solutions of Tomorrow  - Applying Today’s Clean Energy Investment Strategies

Networking Break


Closing Session

Galvanising Concerted Global Action

- Accelerating Collaboration for Climate Ambition Across Sectors

High-Level Closing Keynote