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8 December

Workshop 1C
Accelerating transition in emerging markets: overcoming barriers and increasing connectivity 



Transformational change is needed across international financial and sustainable finance markets if we are to successfully leverage private sector investment to reduce net emissions of greenhouse gases to below zero. Reflecting on the progress investors have made so far, and the actions they are now looking to take, this workshop will explore how global asset owners and managers are evolving strategies to invest for climate transition, both to mitigate and adapt to the effects of global warming. The workshop will present the findings of Mercer Investments’ 2023 Global Asset Manager Survey, which provides a snapshot on the scope, scale and evolution of investment strategies supporting climate transition across emerging markets.

This panel event, hosted by Rich Nuzum, Global Chief Investment Strategist, Mercer, will bring together experts from major investment firms, alongside institutions that address sustainable development goals and impact, to assess perceived barriers to increasing capital allocations to emerging markets; the asset classes or exposures that asset managers regard as key climate mitigation tools; and the ways in which managers are implementing transition pathways across strategies.


Rich Nuzum, Global Chief Investment Strategist, Mercer 

Helga Birgden, Global Chair, Mercer Sustainable Investment, Mercer 

Lucy Heintz, Partner, Head of Energy Infrastructure, Actis 

Annika Brouwer, Sustainability Specialist, Ninety One 

Bettina Reinboth, Director of Sustainability Initiatives, PRI 

Sophia Cheng, Chief Investment Officer, Cathay Financial Holdings

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