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8 December

Panel Session 2B
Climate Smart Agriculture
- Revolutionising Food Systems for Climate Resilience 


Co-hosted by World Biodiversity Network



Globally food systems are stressed by changing temperatures and extreme weather phenomena accelerated by the climate crisis. At the same time agriculture accounts for 19–29% of total greenhouse gas emissions. How can we transform agricultural practices to increase productivity, enhance climate resilience and reduce GHG emissions? Which innovations will pave the way to food security for all? 


Zoe Quiroz Cullen

Director, Climate & Nature Linkages,

Fauna & Flora

Shu-Yuan Pan.jpg

Shu-Yuan Pan

Associate Professor, Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineerin

Felipe villela.jpeg

Felipe Villela

Business Development Manager, The Landbanking Group

Havemann photo_edited.jpg

Tanja Havemann

Co-founder and Director, Clarmondial, Food Securities Fund

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