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8 December

Panel Session 3B
Finance for Adaptation and Resilience
- Creating a Green and Inclusive Future  



According to UNEP, despite the recent developments in adaptation plans, strategies and policies, the financing deployed to turn these measures into action is not sufficient. On the contrary, the gap between estimated needs and actual finance flows is widening. Which finance mechanisms and innovations are best suited to address and cover the adaptation finance gap of USD 340 billion by 2030? This session will explore the business case for adaptation. 

John Mulligan - Plain Background_Mid2_edited.jpg

John Mulligan 

Director, Market Relations & Climate Change Lead,

World Gold Council 

Dharshan Wignarajah_edited.jpg

Dharshan Wignarajah

Director, Climate Policy Initiative

Mark-Campanale-2022 (1)_edited.jpg

Mark Campanale

Founder & Director, Carbon Tracker Initiative

Luba Nikulina headshot_edited.jpg

Luba Nikulina

Chief Strategy Officer, IFM Investors

Nazgul A Headshot Hope House.png

Nazgul Abdrazakova

CEO, Resonance Global

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