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Steven Ko


Sustainability pioneer, environmental trailblazer and ardent advocate for planet earth, Steven Ko founded O’right and navigated the company’s transition to becoming the world’s first zero carbon beauty company. In 2020 and 2021, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company, SGS declared that O’right has achieved carbon neutrality across its entire product portfolio, manufacturing operations and organization, including the direct, indirect and Scope 3 emissions. With Ko’s ambitious vision and laser-focused commitment, the multi-award winning brand has established itself at the forefront of the sustainable beauty industry, bringing home big-name awards including the Sustainable Beauty Awards’ Sustainability Leadership, and being named one of the top 3 finalist for the Good Design Grand Award as “the best sustainability-oriented organizational adaptation to climate change.” O’right was also shortlisted alongside TSMC and Apple for the RE100 Leadership Awards. Ko was invited as the keynote speaker at the APEC Sustainability Summit and the World Climate Summit at COP25 and COP26, urging businesses to champion zero carbon practices and products with zero environmental impact. In 2022, O’right initiated the Melting Greenland, a project that follows a team of climate advocates led by Ko as they navigate across the warming Arctic while capturing the impacts of climate change first-hand on camera. The exclusive documentary will make its worldwide debut at COP27 to ignite hope and empower people to protect our planet’s natural ecosystem.

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