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Prof. Dr. Stephan Krinke

Strategy and

Prof. Dr. Stephan Krinke is head of sustainability strategy and decarbonization of the Volkswagen Group. He is responsible for the development of the sustainability strategy and steering of the decarbonization program which covers the entire value chain of sustainable mobility. Stephan Krinke started his career at Volkswagen AG in 2000, where he held different positions in research and development. From 2010 until 2015 he was head of the department environmental affairs product responsible for life cycle engineering, resource risk assessment and environmental product information for the Volkswagen Group. Dr. Krinke was appointed in 2016 as head of group environmental affairs and environmental management officer of Volkswagen AG covering environmental affairs for product, production and mobility. In 2018 Dr. Krinke was appointed as head of sustainability strategy and programs of the Volkswagen Group. Dr. Stephan Krinke studied chemistry at the University of Stuttgart and finished his study with distinction. For his Ph.D. thesis he changed to the Research Centre Jülich where he specialized in environmental science. Stephan Krinke represents the Volkswagen Group for sustainability issues within a broad range of industry associations. Dr. Krinke is board member of committee for sustainability, environment and technology of the German industry association BDI. Dr. Krinke was appointed by the government of lower saxony to the governmental commission on sustainable environmental politics and digital change. In 2021 Stephan Krinke was appointed as honorary professor at the technical university Braunschweig, where he lectures sustainability management.

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