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Kate Strachan

Global Lead, Cities and Regions, Race to Resilience, UNFCCC CLIMATE CHAMPIONS

Dr KateStrachan holds the position of Manager: Climate Resilience at ICLEI Africa. Kate holds a PhD in Environmental Science, focused on coastal changes associated with climate changealong the African coastline. She has a special interest in understanding climate change and the associated risks,especially relating to coastal cities. She has experience working with and for local governments to build climate resilience, developing climate adaptation plans, undertaking climate and disaster risk assessments, identifying challenges and opportunities associated with natural assets and strengthen local sustainability through influencing development policies and planning systems.Kate is alsothe Cities and Regions Race to ResilienceLead for the UNFCCC’s High-Level Climate Champions Teamand the Secretariat Coordinatorfor theCovenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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