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Nazgul Abdrazakova

CEO, Resonance Global

Nazgul is a co-founder and CEO of Resonance, a global consulting firm established in 2005 with offices in Burlington, VT and Washington, DC. A certified B Corp, Resonance has designed and implemented over 350 partnerships in 30+ countries, with notable expertise in food systems, sustainable fisheries, and circularity. In its ‘Blue Economy’ partnership work in SE Asia, for example, Resonance is strengthening coastal communities through sustainable fisheries practices, while advancing Nature-based solutions to protect marine ecosystems. The company is supporting Rwandan agri-entrepreneurs to develop and scale circular business models in food systems. Resonance also implements the $25MM USAID-PepsiCo partnership focused on women’s economic empowerment and improved livelihoods, while also building local capacity for adaptation and resiliency in PepsiCo’s agricultural supply chains. As organizations face growing challenges in climate adaptation and resilience, Nazgul has positioned Resonance to respond with innovation, agility, and partnership-centered solutions. 

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