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Nathan Cooper

Director of Policy and Engagement Department, Climate Champions

Nathan Cooper is the Director of the Policy and Engagement Department for the United Nations Climate Champions. He leads the department that provides political and diplomatic advice to High-Level Champions and delivers strategic engagement to enhance radical collaboration between governments, businesses, cities and regions, civil society, and other Non-State Actors (NSA). 

Previously, Nathan led the World Economic Forum's strategic climate partnerships, including working with world leaders – heads of state, ministers, and global CEOs- to drive more ambitious international climate finance, mitigation, and adaptation action. 

Furthermore, Nathan held a series of posts in the UK Government, including at the Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the UK Cabinet Office, where he led the business and industrial strategy for G7 and UN Climate Change Conference, COP26. 

Additionally, Nathan writes on topics such as climate finance, business, and policy, including for The Independent, World Economic Forum Agenda, and the New European. 

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