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Leon Kamhi

Head of Responsibility and EOS, Federated Hermes Limited

Reporting to the CEO of Federated Hermes Limited, Leon has led the firm’s Responsibility Platform since 2014. In this role, Leon leads EOS, Federated Hermes’ stewardship service in public markets for institutional investors and through the Responsibility Office all the firm’s advocacy, stewardship and ESG integration activities. This includes ensuring that investment teams across all public and private market asset classes are aware of and integrate material ESG performance in investment decisions and that engagement is effectively incorporated alongside investment activities to enhance and sustain investees’ long term performance. Led by Leon, the Responsibility Office also feeds into, and challenges, the firm’s responsibility-related policies and delivery, including those relating to governance, the environment, and colleagues. 

Previously, Leon was responsible for the development and delivery of EOS at Federated Hermes’ global corporate and public policy engagement programme from 2012-2014 and acted as its commercial director from 2009-2012. Prior to that, Leon worked within the Hermes UK Large Cap Focus Fund for seven years, where he was responsible for executing the fund’s engagement programmes. He also has 12 years of strategy consulting and operational industry experience. 

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