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Jacquelyn Francis

Executive Director, Global Warming Mitigation Project

Jacquelyn Francis created the Keeling Curve Prize and the Global Warming Mitigation Project (GWMP) in the fall of 2017, where she currently serves as the Founding Executive Director. In addition to building GWMP, Jacque currently serves as a nominator for the Earthshot Prize, the 100+Acelerator, Amazon’s Energy Accelerator, Merck’s Future Insight Prize, and Chair of the Pitkin County Airport Board.  


GWMP had three main programs, the Keeling Curve Prize which is one of the world’s most prestigious climate solutions prizes, the Constellations Fellowship which is a pathway for youth to embark on climate focused careers and the Conduit - one of the world’s largest online platforms of climate programs and projects designed to help reduce the friction for supporting and investing in climate solutions. To date GWMP has funded 60 Keeling Curve Prize Laureates that have gone on to amass over two billion US dollars of additional support. 


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