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Dr. Ding Tzung-Su

Professor and Chair, School of Forestry and Resource Conservation, National Taiwan University

Dr. Tzung-Su Ding currently serves as a professor and the chairman of the School of Forestry and Resource Conservation at National Taiwan University. Trained as a zoologist and ecologist, he boasts over three decades of experience in both research and education pertaining to biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management. His research contributions have not only enriched our understanding of the natural world but have also inspired future generations of environmental stewards. In more recent years, Dr. Ding's impact has extended beyond academia. He has become a key player in the realm of policy formulation and administrative practices, leveraging his vast knowledge and experience to influence and shape conservation policies on both regional and national levels. Driven by a deep commitment to preserving the integrity of nature, he finds joy in hiking across diverse landscapes and is an enthusiastic birdwatcher who passionately explores avian wonders across the globe.

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