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Noor Yafai-Stroband

Europe Director Global Policy and Institutional Partnerships, The Nature Conservancy

In a newly created role as Europe Director Global Policy and Institutional Partnerships at The Nature Conservancy, appointed October 2021, Noor provides strategic leadership and furthers TNC’s work through engagement with policymakers and institutions in Europe. Her growing team focuses on practices, policies and funding initiatives that provide conservation opportunities and impact TNC’s global mission to conserve the lands and waters upon which all life depends.

Noor brings over twenty years of policy, government engagement and political communications experience, working across a range of climate, renewable energy and environmental policy issues at European and international levels. Her career has been characterised by strong focus on advocating for increasingly ambitious climate and sustainability policies, building bridges between industries and civil society and finding innovative policy solutions to complex challenges.

Noor was recognised by Politico Europe in its ‘Women Who Shape Brussels 2020’ list. She is a member of the EU Biodiversity Platform, she recently served on Eurelectric’s Power Plant Advisory Group and was recently appointed a member of the International Advisory Board for ClienFarms, an Innovation Action project funded by the European Commission to support the transition to climate neutral, climate resilient farming.

Originally from Kenya, with family roots in Europe as well as the Middle East, Noor is an Irish and British citizen, and a working mother to two Dutch children, based in Belgium.

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