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11 Years of Cross-Sector Collaboration at

World Climate Summit - The Investment COP

Delivering Across a Decade of Public-Private Partnerships 

As countries work to overcome and recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, short and long-term objectives should aim to kickstart the global economy through resilient and ambitious green agendas, prioritising net-zero commitments and low carbon investments in the coming ten years.

Organised by World Climate Foundation, World Climate Summit - The Investment COP 2021 ​is recognised as one of the most important official side events of COP26. It is the leading forum for business and investment-driven solutions to climate change, acknowledging the essential importance of collaboration and the “bottom-up” perspective in solving climate change.

With the Decade to Deliver on Climate Action more crucial now than ever, it will be a must-attend event for leading stakeholders driving climate solutions, investments, and legislation. ​Throughout the last 11 years, the Summit has become a key platform for connecting markets with policies, to flatten the climate curve.

Panel discussions, Workshops & Networking at World Climate Summit

- The Investment COP 2019

Key Areas Explored at World Climate Summit




Kickstarting the New Climate Economy

Transitioning to Clean Energy




Low-Carbon & Circular Value Chains

Smart & Sustainable Cities

Managing our Natural Resources

Funding the Low-Carbon Transition

Resilience & Adaption

Who You Will Meet in 2021

  • Global C-Suite Stakeholders

  • Executives from Key Financial Institutes

  • Public, Private, Multilateral, and Philanthropic Investors

  • Leading Government representatives

  • Technology and Project Developers

  • Thought Leaders and Climate Industry Experts

Ongoing Agenda

Thank you for attending World Climate Summit – The Investment COP 2019.

We look forward to welcoming you again during COP26 in Glasgow.

Three online regional World Climate Forums lead up to World Climate Summit - the investment COP 2021

World Climate Summit now offers an exciting new series of digital, regional World Climate Forums. At these Forums, governments can transform climate ambitions into successful markets for climate business and market players in major regions of the world and instigate collaboration on policy, innovation, and investments.



Explore leading approaches to the low-carbon economy, leverage best practices, and develop compelling solutions
Participate in interactive workshops discussing and showcasing leading policy, technology, and finance strategies and solutions
Meet high-level public and private sector decision-makers



Post-Event Report 2019

"Mitigation plans to kickstart a green economy and resilience care following the COVID-19 pandemic must be at the forefront of stakeholders' minds if global climate solutions are to be realised in the coming decade. World Climate Foundation will tackle the environmental challenges in a series of exciting agenda-setting and digital platform launches where commitments will continue to be transformed into impactful action."

Jens Nielsen - CEO and Founder of World Climate Foundation

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