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Mauricio Zuazua

Partner and Board Director, Kearney

With a background in engineering, Mauricio Zuazua has always enjoyed solving problems. And for 20 years he’s been doing just that with business leaders and top public-sector officials in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Mauricio says, “I love figuring out how the combination of people, institutions, and innovation develops national agendas and economies, and I get to resolve that puzzle every day in different parts of the world, which gives me a great sense of purpose.”

In the public sector, he has supported leaders in delivering enhanced national and regional competitiveness, industrial development, and national security preparedness through national policy and strategy, harnessing great disruptions—such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or the Great Reset of 2020—and building lasting institutions. His work with the private sector centers around strategy development and implementation, organizational transformation, and post-merger integration in the aerospace and defense, infrastructure, and manufacturing sectors.

For him, consulting with Kearney is all about making an impact. “Working with clients and colleagues who believe we can do something remarkable together is the best motivation. I get a tremendous amount of inspiration from that.”

He’s also an optimist at heart. “I can’t wait to see where human ingenuity takes us next—and how the world looks like when my daughter grows up.”

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