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Dr. Nino Kharaishvili

Global Health Director, Jacobs

Dr. Nino Kharaishvili is international health professional with working knowledge of 40 different countries across the former Soviet Union, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Middle East. She has over 20 years of international health consulting experience and has managed teams specializing in global health security, health system resilience, health policy. 

Dr. Kharaishvili has a breadth of experience in defining paths for health system sustainability and resilience and partnered with global health agencies to implement health system strengthening projects, assess national and multi-sectoral emergency response capacities, address resource challenges and constraints, and enhance communication strategies. 

Dr. Kharaishvili serves as Jacobs’ Global Health Director for Health System Governance and focuses on health system resilience and preparedness. Dr. Kharaishvili received her Doctor of Medicine degree from Aieti Medical School and her Master’s in Business Administration from the College of Saint Rose. Dr. Kharaishvili has been published in several peer-reviewed journals and is an experienced public speaker. 

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