15:00 - 16:00

Workshop 4B

Presented by GFG Alliance:

GREENSTEEL: The Foundation for a New Net-Zero Economy.


This event brings together industry, policymakers, thinktanks and research centres to work towards the decarbonisation of the steel industry and discuss both the opportunities that a low carbon steel industry could bring to a new net zero economy and the challenges that must be addressed.


The steel industry is facing a moment of significant challenge: Steel production accounts for over 8% of global industrial emissions, and governments around the world are regulating the industry to achieve carbon targets. At the same time, steel is a critical raw material in the delivery of a decarbonised economy; by 2050 the global demand is expected to be double the level of 2012.


This poses significant issues for an industry which is fundamental to many supply chains and supports so many highly skilled jobs both in the UK and globally. Radical change, large-scale investment and strategic long-term thinking will be required to produce the critical mass of base material in a low-carbon way.


Together, we will attempt to enrich the policy environment with expertise and independent validation, developing mechanisms that can achieve the policy traction required to drive change. At this pivotal moment for the industry, with the right investment and policy environment, steel can become the foundation for a new net-zero economy.


Francis Sullivan, Independent Advisor


Panel Speakers:

Jeff Kabel - Chief Transformation Officer, LIBERTY Steel Group

Marian Elliott - Head of Risk & Sustainability, GFG Alliance

Dustin Benton - Policy Director, Green Alliance

Peter Osborne - Senior Research Fellow, AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre)

Wilf Lytton - Associate Fellow, Bright Blue