13:30 - 14:30

Workshop 3A

Presented by High Speed 1: 
High-speed Rail: The Fast Way to Decarbonise Journeys, so What’s Stopping Us?


What if we could travel sustainably without any effort? What if you could have a single ticket for door-to-door travel? What if our roads weren’t congested? What if parcels could be delivered faster? What if our governments’ policy made train travel easier?


This vision is already possible, and through roundtable discussions, we want to identify and conceptualise policies, investments and solutions that will help us overcome the barriers to people choosing high-speed rail. This will involve looking at the full customer journey, such as how people travel to and from stations, to make high-speed a more attractive, sustainable and viable option.


As the first railway to run entirely on renewable electricity, we will use this workshop to call for a modal shift of an additional 4.9m passengers (based on air travel patterns in normal times and potential for new routes) to high-speed rail for the benefit of our planet and economy, and ask attendees what we can do together to make this happen. Independent research commissioned in 2019 by HS1 Ltd revealed that HS1 already removes 6,000 cars and lorries from UK roads, and 60,000 short-haul flights (equivalent to 750,000 tonnes of CO2) every year. If we can get more people using our high-speed line, we can prevent a potential further 450,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering our atmosphere every year, and build on the £66m of environmental benefits already generated each year as a result of people choosing to take the train rather than fly.


Richard Thorp

Engineering & Sustainability Director, HS1

Sam Sage

General Graduate Management Trainee, HS1

Dyan Crowther

CEO of HS1

Jacques Damas

CEO of Eurostar