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Shuayb Ismail

Associate Partner - Head of Partnerships, Xynteo

Shuayb is an Associate Partner at Xynteo where he works across EMEA and SSA on identifying commercially viable energy and industrial growth plans that are planet, people, and profit positive. He has a wealth of experience successfully leading 50+ programmes where he has specialized at the intersection of energy, industry, and finance. These include both creating low-carbon fuel supply chains (including for hydrogen) that offer significant market discounts and developing customer offtake strategies to catalyse demand attached to high customer premiums (linked into the customer’s own competitive advantage and positioning strategy). His specialism is in identifying the opportunities that convert sustainability from being a cost-center to a revenue amplifier that drives core business growth. He is Certified by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and also holds Masters from the London School of Economics and Imperial College (with a focus on strategy, energy, and finance systems).

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