Joseph Tabet

Vice president, Circular Economy


Joseph Tabet is the vice president, Circular Economy, at Flex, the $24B global diversified manufacturer.

Mr. Tabet leads the company’s Circular Economy function, which manages customer activities and services related to circularity globally. Circular economy solutions range from architecting cost and CO2-efficient supply chains to extending the lifecycle of products through repair, refurbishment, parts harvesting and resale while managing the recycling process and diverting materials from landfills to advance a regenerative, closed loop future. Recently, Mr. Tabet has focused on building out and scaling Flex's circular economy solutions throughout the APAC, EMEA and Americas regions.

Prior to Flex, he held various leadership roles in IT, operations and business management and development at Digital Equipment, Rexel, Universal Music, Bertelsmann and ModusLink and worked in Asia, the U.S. and multiple European countries.

Mr. Tabet holds two bachelor of science degrees in Mathematics and Computer Sciences with a minor in Psychology.