Alice Chapman-Hatchett

European Public Health Alliance


Alice Chapman-Hatchett is President of EPHA, the European Public Health Alliance, established in 1993 as a member-led alliance of 80 public health interested NGOs such as patient and citizens’ groups, health professional and disease specific groups, strengthening the people’s voice in European public health discussions. Alice was elected President in 2020, after having served as Vice-President since 2018. She has a particular interest in representing EPHA in discussions on health equity and public health more broadly.

Alice has extensive European and public sector experience in creating international projects and partnerships. She has 13 years’ experience in public health, in areas including diabetes, dementia, sexual health, health systems, social inclusion, men’s mental health and obesity.

Currently, she is Director of the Health and Europe Centre, a social enterprise in the UK’s NHS which works to bring European learning to the local NHS, focussing on health inequalities and social determinants of health.