11:30 - 12:30

Session 2A

Decarbonising the Transport Sector

- Pioneering Approaches to E-mobility

Getting to zero emissions in the transport sector by 2050, as part of the global strategy to fight the global warming plague, requires strong and rapid action. How can Countries, Cities/Regions and Companies (the 3Cs) join hands and kickstart the decarbonisation of the transport sector? What are the feasible solutions that the 3Cs can adopt to reach zero emission-mobility by 2050? This session will showcase best practices that can foster the adoption of the right combinations of solutions through collaborative approaches.



Peter Rothstein (moderator)

President, NECEC

Ralf Pfitzner (keynote and speaker)

Global Head of Sustainability, Volkswagen Group

Matt Greener

Head of Fleet Asset Management, Arriva Group

Dyan Crowther


Joe Curtatone

Mayor, Somerville, Massachusetts