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Watch World Climate Summit - The Investment COP 2019 On Demand

Opening Remarks

Opening Session: Overcoming Barriers - The Solutions to Achieving The Paris Agreement

The Future of Energy - Decarbonising the System

Electrifying Mobility - On the Road towards Zero-Emission Transportation

Next Generation of Finance in LATAM: Sustainability as Driver to Tapping New Markets

Mobilising Investments & Innovation in Low-Carbon Infrastructure

The Power of Partnerships: Stimulating Collaborative and Transactional Partnerships for Climate Action

Closing Session: Business for 2030 - Bridging the Gap in Finance and Technical Capacity Necessary to Meet the Challenges of Climate Change

Watch World Climate Summit - The Investment COP 2019 Interviews

Markus Winkler
Head of Automotive & Capgemini Group, Capgemini

Emma Navarro

Vice-President, European Investment Bank

Hilen Meirovich
Head of Climate Change, IDB Invest

Shankar Krishnamoorthy
Vice President, Engie

Frank Demaille
Chief Executive Officer, ENGIE Latin America

Harry Verhaar
Head of Global Public & Government Affairs, Signify

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