13:30 - 14:30

Workshop 3A

Presented by Janus Henderson Investors: 
Is Decarbonisation an Opportunity for Emerging Markets?

Our event will bring together experts from across the globe to discuss the opportunities and challenges that decarbonisation presents in the financial services sector, across emerging markets. Taking views from global companies and governments, they will discuss how capital market flows can be encouraged into emerging markets to enable them to deliver their transition. They will also cover what world leaders from developing markets have committed to, in order to incentivise whole economy transitions, on a global scale.

Moderator: Paul La Coursière, Global Head of ESG Investments at Janus Henderson

Panel speakers:

  • Francisco Javier López, Chile’s Energy Under Secretary

  • Dr Nina Seega, Research Director at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership (CISL)

  • Krista Tukiainen, Head of Research, Climate Bonds Initiative

  • Mark Cutifani, Chief Executive Officer, Anglo American Plc