10:00 - 11:00

Workshop 1A

Presented by Howden Group:

Unlocking private capital for social good: the role of insurance and capital markets in addressing the disaster relief funding gap.

In 2020, the funding gap for the humanitarian response to global disasters reached almost $20bn. As the frequency and severity of climate-related disasters continue to increase, this gap is expected to widen. Traditional forms of disaster relief financing simply cannot keep pace. 


This panel brings together experts from the public, private and charity sectors to discuss how creating markets for private capital to fund disaster relief projects could see more funds reaching those who need it, and faster than ever before. 




Opening remarks:

Lord Grimstone

Minister of State


Daniel Stander

Deputy Chair of the Board, Resilient Cities Network


Adam Bornstein

Innovative Finance & Systems Change, Danish Red Cross


Dr Ana Gonzalez Pelaez

Fellow, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership


Julian Richardson

CEO, Parhelion Underwriting


David Howden

CEO, Howden Group

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