13:30 - 14:30

Session 3A

Circular Economy & the 21st Century City

- Unlocking Economic, Social & Environmental Benefits of the Sustainable City

Cities across the world are switching to a more circular approach, especially regarding the materials used. Making cities circular is a key driver of the transition to a greener society, where cities can prosper while at the same time lead the shift towards a restorative economy. This session will shed light on how a circular economy can benefit cities from an economic, social and environmental perspective, while addressing energy and materials efficiency, lower pollution levels, and job creation on a global basis. Furthermore, this session will bring together stakeholders from different sectors, such as governments and municipalities, and other urban stakeholders.



Martijn Lopes Cardozo (moderator)

CEO, Circle Economy

Steve Fisher (keynote)

President & CEO, Novelis

Serge Gaudin

Director Strategy & Sustainability, Novelis Europe

Dirk Inghels

Director Quality & HSE, ALVANCE

Ana Cabral-Gardner

Co-Chair and Co-CEO, Sigma Lithium

Councillor Susan Aitken

Leader of Glasgow City Council, City of Glasgow