10:00 - 11:00

Session 1B

Investing in Emerging Markets & Developing Economies to Reach the Paris Agreement

To reach the goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, grossly accelerated public and private sector investments into emerging and developing markets are crucial. Emerging and developing countries are stepping up their climate plans, net-zero targets, NDC’s and adaptation and resilience plans. Achieving them will require unprecedented investments from both the private and public sector. Not only must OECD economies include higher development funding to support emerging market transition to net-zero, but private investors must accelerate green investments into emerging markets.


This session will focus on the role of smart policy reforms, innovative business models and enabling business conditions in fostering public and private investments in key sectors of the green economy in emerging and development markets.



Henry Gonzalez (moderator)

Director of Private Sector Facility, Green Climate Fund

Nico Marais, CFA, DCom (keynote)

Senior Advisor, Allspring Global Investments

Andy Howard

Head of Sustainable Investment, Schroders

Neil Brown

Head of Equities, GIB Asset Management

Henrietta Pacquement, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Investment Grade – Europe,

Global Fixed Income, Allspring Global Investments

Jozef Henriquez

Head of Resource Mobilisation, IDB Invest

Emmanuel Nyirinkindi

Vice President, Cross-Cutting Solutions, International Finance Corporation