09:00 - 10:00

Opening Session

Accelerating Ambition Loops

- Linking Policy, Innovation & Investments to Achieve a Green Transition

To achieve a green transition and transform global economies to Net-Zero, countries and companies must establish clear targets and bold policy frameworks that enable each other to go faster and further. Catalysing ambition loops across sectors such as energy, transport, buildings and the financial sector will be crucial to limit global warming to well below 2C.
This session will zoom in on overcoming the challenges in reaching Net-Zero targets from a public and private sector perspective and focus on what is needed in terms of policy, innovation and investments for immediate and long term climate action.



Nicolette Bartlett (moderator)

Chief Impact Officer, CDP

Chris Ashton (keynote)

CEO and Managing Director, Worley

Michael Hannibal

Partner, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

Mark Brantley

Group President for EMEA & APAC, Worley

Rahul Ghosh

EManaging Director – ESG Outreach & Research, Moody's ESG Solutions