16:00 - 17:00

Closing Session

Protecting Planet ‘A’

- Catalysts for Galvanising Unparalleled Global Collaboration

The pandemic has disrupted lives worldwide, while, at the same time, the heating of our planet and
climate disruption has continued unabated. It is still possible to bridge the emissions gap, however, urgent and concerted action is required by all countries and across all sectors. A substantial part of the short-term change needed can be realised through scaling up existing, well-proven policies, for instance on renewables and energy efficiency, low carbon transportation means and a phase out of coal. Looking within the 2030 timeframe, an effective mix of nature based and technological solutions as well as rapid changes in consumption patterns are needed at all levels. Our high-profile closing session will address how impactful coalitions and public private partnerships are successfully tackling the climate crisis and accelerating this Decade of Action, while bringing us back in balance with nature and the planet.



Jim Andrew (keynote)

Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive Vice President, Beyond the Bottle businesses, PepsiCo

Julia Pyper (moderator)

Vice President of Communications and Policy, GoodLeap

Peter Boyd (moderator)

Resident Fellow, Yale Center for Business and the Environment / Founder & CEO, Time4Good Group

Courtney Holm

Vice President of Sustainability Solutions, Capgemini Invent UK

Anne Simpson

Managing Investment Director, Board Governance & Sustainability, CalPERS

Daniel Morris, AIA

Chief Investment Officer, Solutions and Systematic Investments, Allspring Global Investments